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TRIP TO Skegness Seaside - 9th JUNE 2019

In view of the success of last year's visit to Great Yarmouth, Samaj has organised a trip to Skegness Seaside on Sunday 9th June 2019.

The trip includes Refreshment and based on 'First come first served'. Advance payment at the time of booking, £25.00 pp.

Pick up point: Belmont circle HA3 8RQ at 6:00 am and Wembley 6.30 a.m.

Please contact: Shilpa - 07950 774877 Chandrikaben - 07588546597 Bhavnaben - 07930753223

Welcome to Shree Bavis Gam Patidar Samaj (UK)

Shree Bavis Gam Patidar Samaj (UK) (Samaj) is a social cultural organisation with its roots in India and comprising of 26 Gams (villages).
Samaj means a Society and Shree Bavis Gam Patidar Samaj (UK) (Samaj) originally comprising of just nine Gams was formed in 1902 and the current set up (less few Gams) was formed in 1930. The formation of such Samaji's are equivalent to today's networking groups.

Many residents left their Gams for greater opportunities for East Africa. They worked in the administration departments of Railways, Post Office, Customs and then entering the business sector. With number of member growing and the success that they achieved, funds were raised to develop infrastructure such as water tanks, schools, hospitals, sanitation systems etc. in the Gams of their origins.

Today members can be found all over the world, however large number of families can be found in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The mission is to cultivate the spirit of self-respect and ethical values among the community by maintaining higher standards of morals in our daily life. This requires social gatherings, cultural programs, educational seminars and religious practices by which following objectives be served.
1. To create communication links between people of all ages and needs, to express their views and matter of concerns.
2. To make the members aware that they have identity and it is worth to maintain it while merging into the United Kingdom main stream.
3. To establish resources leading to better life.

Special request to all : The Samaj welcomes New and Continuing donations for successful events

On behalf of the Trustees and the Executive Committee of SBGPS (UK)

We announce the successful celebration of
40th Anniversary of Shree Bavis Gam Patidar Samaj (UK)
The launch of the long awaited Family Directory.
On Sunday 13th September 2015

At the Oakington Manor Primary School, Wembley
Data Protection Changes
As you may be aware changes have come in with regards to the new General Data Protection Regulation.

The information SBGPS(UK) holds, with your consent, in our Family Directory which also includes your email address and Mobile number.
This information is not passed onto third parties. We only send out information relating to our Samaj and its activities.
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